A new book titled,Well … What’s All That Drilling About?has been published by the American Ground Water Trust. The 40-page illustrated narra-tive is about two children watching the drilling of a home’s water well and the installation of a pump. In dialog with the well drillers, the children develop an understanding of the processes and equipment used to construct the well, and how the water is brought from the ground to the house. A glossary of 28 water well drilling words is included.

The books content is designed to:

  • Create early awareness and interest about water wells and ground water.

  • Show the role of water well industry professionals in providing drinking water.

  • Show step-by-step how a water well is constructed.
Early-childhood books that focus on real-life situations can fulfill three main purposes – enhancing reading skills, imparting awareness of re-sources, and providing insight into workplace experience. The book’s authors – Andrew Stone and Jessica Bryan (a hydrologist and educator, and an experienced elementary school teacher) – have ensured that the technical concepts are accurate, and that the language and style conform to early-reading educational principles.

The American Ground Water Trust has set a challenge to the water well and ground water industries to help distribute copies of this water well reading book to the 125,000-plus elementary schools and town libraries across America – especially to rural and suburban areas where home wells are an important supply source. There are discounted prices for bulk sales to water well and ground water association members, well equipment distributors, contracting companies, etc. The book also can serve as an effective promotional give-away for any company or organization in the in-dustry.

It should be noted that Baroid Industrial Drilling Products and Certain-Teed Corp. have provided generous funding support for the production, printing and distribution of this book.

To order the book, or for more information, visit www.agwt.org or telephone 603-228-5444.