Geosearch Inc. has announced the merger of Geosearch and Environmental Drilling Inc. Headquartered in Sterling, Mass., both are among the top drilling companies in the northeast.

Distinct specialties gave each company a unique client base. According to Matthew Bovenzi, president of Geosearch, the companies’ services were complementary, not competitive. Geosearch offered environmental drilling and construction as well as specialized services, such as air vacuum excavation and drilling in low-clearance, confined or interior spaces; EDI’s expertise involved geotechnical/environmental drilling for superfund sites, military base closures, large industrial sites and major geotechnical investigations. Together, the two companies have created a comprehensive, full service organization, and now it is the leading company of its kind in New England.

Although equipment, crew and services are located at the Geosearch facility, the management and field personnel of each company remain intact, and each company is responsible for managing a smooth transition for its clients.