Schramm Inc. has announced that it has scheduled two upcoming seminars focusing on top head drill rig operation, maintenance and service. Seminars are offered free of charge to qualified industry personnel and instructed by Schramm's service personnel.

The first seminar is scheduled at Schramm's West Chester, Pa., factory headquarters on November 17, 18 and 19, 2004. The course will address proper operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the various Schramm drilling rigs. Special attention will be given to industry best practices in rig maintenance, safety and service. Participants also will have the opportunity to tour the factory.

In conjunction with the National Ground Water Association Expo in Las Vegas, Schramm will be hosting a service seminar, slated for December 16-17. This seminar will focus on how to operate, troubleshoot and maintain drill rig engines, hydraulic system, air compressor, mud system, PTO drives and various mechanical accessories. Certificates of completion will be awarded for submittal to respective state agencies for continuing education credits.

Class size for each of the seminars is limited. If you are interested in attending, contact the company as soon as possible to reserve a seat. You can obtain complete registration information by visiting Schramm's Web site at, contacting the service group by e-mail at or (Spanish) or calling at 610-696-2500.