The FM13 Drilling Fluid System has been added to the line of Ditch Witch drilling fluid management products. The FM13 is the largest of three stand-alone, modular fluid systems designed to mix drilling fluid additives with water and deliver the slurry to directional drilling units for drilling, backreaming and product pullback. Powered by a 13-hp (9.7kW) gasoline engine, the efficient constant grease seal pump delivers 20 percent more fluid capacity than the MM9 fluid system, moving 42-viscosity slurry at the rate of 200 gpm (757 L/min.). Maximum flow rate is 300 gpm (1135.6 L/min.) of 26-viscosity fluid. The unit is available in 500- or 1,000-gallon tank and is equipped with two hoppers - one for dry fluid additives, the other for liquid mixtures and enhancers. Ditch Witch.