The International Water Association reminds us of the conference, “Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations,” takes place in Greece, Oct. 28-30, 2006.

The principal aims of the conference:

  • To reveal the cultural heritage concerning water and wastewater in several regions of the world and to make visible the archaeological (ancient and traditional) remnants of technologies which have contributed to the diachronic development of the related management technologies.
  • To describe and evaluate the pre-industrial hydraulic technologies, which on a long term may contribute to water and wastewater management systems and to the development of integrated methodologies.
  • To develop systems based on ancient technologies using modern equipment, which may be of significance for water, wastewater and environmental management in the future.

Topics to be covered:

  • Methods and techniques of water management through time;
  • Farmers and citizens: the socio-economic and political role of water;
  • Urban water use;
  • Urban wastewater and storm water technologies;
  • Historical development and aqueducts;
  • Historical development other water technologies;
  • Ideology and the power of image: water as a symbol.

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