Hundreds of southern Australian women plan to carry out a naked rain dance in early March.

A Reuters report out of Sydney, Australia, says hundreds of women from drought-ravaged southern Australia plan to bare it all to the heavens in a bid to make it rain. Inspired by a Nepalese drought-breaking tradition, the women will carry out a naked rain dance in the barren outback in early March, just ahead of the planting season for the next crop.

¿We¿ll invite all the families from all the communities in the region who are suffering from the drought. We¿ll all get together and have food and entertainment all day,¿ says organizer Lynne Healy. ¿The women will get on buses and discreetly go out to a secret location and we will do our dance or our whatever.¿

Unexpected publicity means the rain dance probably will attract many more than the 200 women the organizers originally expected to take part ¿ but the media will not be invited. ¿It¿ll be totally nude, hence no cameras,¿ explains Healy.