The Yukon's most important wetlands, the Peel River Watershed, was recently nominated for oil and gas development by the Yukon government. The Yukon government says it will be using a five-step process that includes an internal department review, consultations with First Nations (native Canadian groups), a call for nominations, a review process and a call for bids. During the review process the public will be given 45 days to voice its opinion to the government.

In response, the Yukon chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has registered its opinion by calling on the Yukon government to cancel the area's nomination for oil and gas development.

The five-step process confers oil and gas rights for a given location, but it does not give the right to actually explore or drill for oil or gas. After rights are awarded, when a company applies for a license for oil or gas development, an environmental screening process is required under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act or the Yukon's Development Assessment Process.

The Peel Plataeu wetlands support a population of endangered peregrine falcon, contain key waterfowl habitat and are an important staging area for migratory waterfowl.