Porky Cutter recounts his anniversary and time spent in New Mexico.

The desert landscape of New Mexico affords beautiful, scenic drives.

In September this year, Bess and I celebrated our 48th anniversary in New Mexico. I had been there working for a client since the later part of July, and I hadn't seen Bess in some time. In September, Bess flew out to spend a couple weeks with me and to present her “Quantum Geometrics” workshops in Santa Fe.

I picked her up at the Albuquerque airport in a rental car, and she stayed a few days with me at my Days Inn motel in Moriarty, N.M. The first evening, we went to a nice restaurant near Moriarty to celebrate our anniversary.

The next day, Bess drove to Santa Fe to visit a friend and attend a potluck dinner at her home. In the evening, we drove back through Albuquerque to give Bess an idea of her return directions the following day. I showed Bess the way she would be driving from the motel the next morning onto I-40 toward Albuquerque to I-25 North to Santa Fe. I advised her that if she saw any signs that said “Gallup,” she had missed the I-25 turnoff. That sounds simple enough, right?

Wrong! I had failed to tell her that the road to the right out of the motel would take you to I-40 both ways - east and west. Bess took the road to the right, which took her to the east direction toward Oklahoma. The 45-mile trip to Santa Fe usually takes about an hour. About five hours and two maps later, Bess arrived in Santa Fe from the Far East - around Santa Rosa, N.M.

A friend once told Bess, on a higher level, he would follow her anywhere; at earth's level, he wouldn't follow her around the block. I will say, however, that you give her a place to be and without any assistance from anyone, she'll get there in record time.

Since I had to work most of the week, I didn't see Bess again until Thursday evening when I drove back to Santa Fe from Moriarty. I attended Bess' evening introductory workshop. The next day, I attended Bess' workshop; then in the evening, we drove back to Moriarty for the night.

One evening, we had dinner at a nice restaurant in Moriarty, Buford's, with our good friends and fellow MGWC, John and Nancy Williamson of Tijeras, N.M. One day, we drove to Ruidoso in south central New Mexico to see a friend, Marie Hansen, originally from Virginia Beach. It is a scenic drive and quite rural. Ruidoso is a tourist, gambling and retirement town. Once there, we called our friend for directions to her townhome, which involved a very winding road to the top of a mountain where her townhome overlooks Ruidoso. On the way there, we noticed something different from Virginia Beach - signs along the way saying, “Forest Fire Escape Route.” After dinner and a nice visit, we returned to Moriarty.

My contract was completed, and Bess and I flew home October 6th at almost the same time. Since we both had flown there on different airlines, we were required to return on those same airlines. Bess was flying from Albuquerque on Continental Airlines through Houston, while I flew from Albuquerque on Northwest Airlines through St. Paul, Minn. We both left Albuquerque at about the same time and arrived in Norfolk, Va. at almost the same time. We were met by our son, Piglet.

When I was there about three years ago, I advised Bess: “We may have to move to New Mexico;” her response was: “You can.” Since her visit there, she is reconsidering. Due to the drought situation and an opportunity for my consulting and Bess' work, we seriously are considering the move. New Mexico is a beautiful state - as its motto states, “The Land of Enchantment.” I hope that we will be returning there again soon. ND