WSC teams with a West Virginia County Health Department to provide loans for well maintenance for low- and moderate- income households.

The Water Systems Council has joined with the Monongalia County Health Department in West Virginia to help rural low- and moderate-income homeowners repair or replace individual wells that are failing due to age, lack of maintenance or contamination.

Loans up to $5,000 at 2 percent interest over up to 15 years can be made to replace or repair existing household wells. The program is administered by the Monongalia County Health Department, and county sanitarians and health department staff will help identify eligible households.

More than 15 percent of this rural county's population lives below the poverty line, and many are dependent upon wells for their household water supply. This loan program was developed as a model for other loan programs targeted to low and moderate income well owners in rural areas nationwide. WSC will report on the loan fund to assist other county agencies or local nonprofit organizations to establish similar funds.