In "For Openers," Greg Ettling reminds us that we still can get involved with Ground Water Awareness Week.

Last month in this space we reminded you that March 16-22 is Ground Water Awareness Week. We hope everyone is doing the best they can to take advantage of this opportunity to advance both the industry in general and their own companies, in particular. Even at this late date, there are some simple and easily executed ways to get involved; for ideas, visit

However you choose to participate, we’d like to hear about it. If you put together a mailer, send us a copy. If you’re going to put on an event of some sort, have a camera handy to take pictures. Tell us about what you did, how it went, what you learned from it and how you are going to follow up. We’ll do an article reporting on the experiences you share with us and see what worked successfully. You’ll likely glean an idea or two for future campaigns – Ground Water Awareness Week or otherwise; the benefits of a good marketing plan can be useful the other 51 weeks of the year as well.