Response Rentals becomes Response Ashtead Technology

Response Rentals, headquartered in Rochester, NY, was purchased by Ashtead Technology recently. Response Rentals began in 1988 and has service centers in Irvine, CA; Houston, TX; and Mississauga, Ontario. Response specializes in renting environmental monitoring and sampling instruments.

Ashtead Technology, part of the Ashtead Group Plc, rents underwater positioning, survey and construction equipment, and recently began renting visual inspection and non-destructive test equipment. Ashtead has operations in Aberdeen, Scotland; Houston, TX and the Republic of Singapore.

Andy Holroyd, senior vice president with the Ashtead Houston operation, was named president of Response. He said Ashtead intends to invest heavily in Response and will immediately build capacity by purchasing more instruments for the Response rental inventory. Ashtead also plans to open additional service centers.

The Response Rentals identification will continue to be used for an interim period, although the company name has been changed to Response Ashtead Technology. Headquarters will remain in Rochester, NY.