Wayne Nash claims that the time has never been better for America to get behind its drillers.

A recent poll shows that Americans support increased domestic oil production to reduce reliance on foreign sources. Courtesy of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
As I write this, I'm sitting here watching the United States respond to the enemies of civilization with carefully calculated and lethal force. It's about time. We have been blind and/or ignorant to the threats against us. Let's face it - there are people in the world who hate our guts. This is a fact of life even though we, through our foreign aid programs and massive charities, have helped feed and clothe most of the world for many years, including the terrorists who are shooting at us. They try to cloud the issue by hiding behind religion. This is wrong. There is no religion that I know of that justifies murder, regardless of what ignorant fanatics of any stripe would have us believe.

This situation has touched us all. I watched a television news reporter standing by a reservoir discussing the safety of our water supply. This struck me as a little odd - an example of how we have managed to trade freedom for security for years. Sure, it is possible, although difficult, to poison a significant number of people, and we do have some minimal security in place, but the question should be: Why are we using surface water anyway, when there is so much clean, fresh ground water available? If you think about it, the bigger danger is an ignorant government employee screwing up the water. You don't hear much about giardia or cryptosporidia coming from wells. We have traded the freedom to have our own well for the so-called security of a socialist water system. I say real Americans have their own wells! I know that if some moron fooled with my well, my dog Lugnut would chew his leg off. In other words, my water supply is secure.

Another problem we have brought upon ourselves: We presently have to suck up to all sorts of tin-pot dictators throughout the world to ensure our oil supply. Let me tell you something: It is American drillers with American rigs and American technology and know-how that make most of the world's oil production possible. The reason we have to kowtow to them and buy their oil is because the eco-weenies and tree huggers have effectively prevented us from developing our own supplies. They have been aided and abetted by people who don't bother to think about the issues or vote.

The time has never been better for America to get behind its drillers and let them drill. I'd much rather buy American oil than send money to some illiterate potentate so he could buy a rhinestone saddle for his camel while his people starve. If all the worrywarts and bed wetters want to curl up in the fetal position, fine. At least maybe they'll be quiet so we can get some drilling done. I can just imagine our national response if Al Gore had managed to steal the election. He'd probably send a battalion of counselors over there to help Osama-ya-mamma work through personal issues stemming from a traumatic childhood. We've got the right man for the job in place now, and we need to support him.

The Bible teaches us to turn the other cheek. We have already turned all four cheeks, and I, for one, have had enough. We have tried to bail out and earn the respect of a lot of the world; it hasn't worked very well. If we can't earn their respect, let's earn their fear. If there is no other way to make them understand that all people have a right to their own lives and beliefs, then make it so they fill up their Depends every time they think about attacking us.