Tell your prospects the "reasons why" and watch the cash register ring.

There is a very effective marketing strategy known as the "Reasons Why" education technique. If you use it, you can impact sales growth quickly.

To begin with, ask yourself this very important question: What is it about what I do and how I do it that my prospects and customers would find valuable and appealing? How could I explain better the process we go through to create our product and services mix?

How about the components you use - are they unique in any way? How about the process you used to choose them? What about the engineering standards you created and their performance expectations?

Or, how could you explain the process of elimination that you went through to reject all kinds of components or manufacturers/service suppliers before you settled on the handful of ingredients or composition of products/services that your company offers?

How many ways can you explain the training process you put your staff/employees through or what you went through yourself to gain the knowledge, expertise or experience you use to provide your services for your customers?

The point is, how can you explain the reasons why your company performs more advantageously or tangibly for a customer or client than other alternatives they may be considering?

Customers and prospects can never know what you know about your firm's capabilities and how painstakingly hard you have endeavored to bring to them the best quality and assembly of benefits possible - unless you tell them.

Good marketing tells us that prospects actually want to know. They want to be educated about the reasons why they should contract with you instead of a competitor. The only way they can choose you is if you inform them about what differentiates you from the competitive pack and how your company will benefit them.

Think from your prospect's point of view, and you will quickly understand that they need to know the reasons why they should hire you. Review your marketing material/Web site copy and make sure you are doing this well. If you are, then you will definitely see sales and profits increase.

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