Precision Blasting Presents Seminar

Precision Blasting Services will present a seminar on Surface Blast Design Feb. 5-9, 2001 in Mount Sterling, IL.

Seminar topics include: 'Blasting Mechanics,' 'Initiation Systems,' 'Types of Explosives,' 'Explosive Characteristics,' 'Proper Blasthole Timing,' 'Blast Design for Quarries,' 'Mining and Construction Applications,' and 'Vibration Monitoring and Control.'

The seminar will be taught by Dr. Calvin J. Konya, a world-renowned blast consultant. New blasting methods which reduce cost and increase productivity will be introduced at the seminar.

For more information, contact Dr. Calvin J. Konya, P.O. Box 189, Montville, OH, 44064, or telephone 440-474-6700, or fax 440-968-3967.