We are embarking on our seventh year of drilling water wells in western Nicaragua. At the end of drilling last year, a total of 120 wells had been drilled and put on the pump, many of them on a manual pump of local manufacture, called a “rope pump.”

Last year, we replaced the old Ford truck with an International diesel, and added another International diesel flatbed for hauling pipe and other dry cargo.

Sadly, Mickey Moore, our original driller from Bristow, Okla., will not make the trip this year. Just before he was to fly down to Managua, he developed severe heart problems and had to undergo five arterial bypass procedures. Mickey is recuperating at home and may be able to go down there later on this year to inspect the work of the local crew that he has been training for the last six years.

In any event, Mickey’s project to bring safe clean water to the poor people of Nicaragua will go on, and he will be there in spirit.